17 February 2017

Galina Kutereva

I saw many images on internet with the Russian woman who walked in sandals and in summer dresses in full winter, so I tried to find more answers. There were many articles, but they all said a different story, and I really wanted to know the truth. So I found some interviews with Galina on youtube, they were all in Russian, so I asked a friend who speaks Russian to translate for me. I also found a google translation from 2013 of one of these interviews. I corrected the text as much as I could. Here it is:

Meet 50-year-old Galina Kutereva of the city of Togliatti. She works as a kindergarten teacher and does not feel cold. Sub-zero temperatures, she walks the streets in summer dresses, not getting cold and looking much younger than her age. How is this possible?
 – Actually, I was born in the Donets Basin, Sea of Azov. I’m from the South and I love the heat, – says Galina. In Togliatti I arrived in 1982 after college. Initially  I worked  at “Phosphorus”, but not for long. Since 1986, when  we sent our daughter to kindergarten, I have worked as an assistant teacher. 

-How come you do not need winter clothes? 
-I do hardening procedures – take  cold-hot showers. In winter I do not  feel cold, I do not feel hot in summer, when everyone gets tired, I work, I do not need  to rest. 
– How exactly do you feel cold?
– Easy tingling, as if it's a hot summer day and a fresh breeze blowing. 
– And what the lowest temperature you can bear? 
– I do not know, but all last winter, I went out in summer clothes and felt good . 
– And if  it rains? 
– When  it rains, I’m not hiding – I feel good.  I am  in sandals and walk in puddles, and snow, but I do not get cold feet, the snow melts on my feet. I improved my hearing, smell, sight – I took off  my glasses, my memory improved. 
– You are such a spectacular woman, and you hair is gray.  Don't you want to dye it?
– I do not want to hide my age. Previously, I had more gray hair, now  I have less.  I do not use make up, I wash my hair and face only with water. Like many people,  in my adult life, I had a very serious disease.  I had very little help from doctors, aid was temporary, the disease was not gone, over the years it became worse. I began to look for other ways to recover. I self-medicated, including clay, but all these methods didn't change the situation too much. In 1989, I found out about a doctor  that he held seminars in the cinema “Petrel”. I attended these seminars and then I overcame many diseases, as well as fear and dependence, I felt  better, I healed  my old life, but as time went on – there were new illnesses, new problems. By 2005, the disease overpowered me, so I remembered about this doctor, I began to look for him and found him.  I firmly decided to change my lifestyle, my attitude to everything that surrounds me. I am fully recovered, and not only that – my body rejuvenated. To reach this point, I became a different person.  My method is built on kindness. When a person is kind and friendly and in a good mood  is healthy.  Man must love peace and live in harmony with  everyone. I love life and want to live. I know why I live – to be kind, friendly and do good every day. My soul and body are cleaner and brighter. 
– Walking down the street half-naked – this is also part of the practice?
– Yes. When we are cold we hold our  breath. When all this blood is coming into a sick body, the body begins to recover. Vessels become pure, elastic, blood begins to circulate freely and easily. Breath holding,  this is what I do several times a day. Also, I walk on my knees 400 steps a day, this is the way I got rid of many diseases of the spine, joints, intestines and so on. Anyone can live a hundred years. It is necessary to purify the soul, to be kind and friendly. Wish well  to someone – and it  will happen to you. The whole doctrine is based on treating primarily the way we speak. “Word can kill, and save the world at the same time” [...]That’s why you need to learn how to speak and think, to watch your words. Words and thoughts  have power.  We don't hear the thought, but our soul perceives it, and when a person thinks with love the body heals. 
– Do you eat differently? 
– Yes, one day a week I don't eat food, I drink only water, so the body can rest. 
– You improved your health, you look younger – is this the limit?  Can you still achieve something? 
– Yes, of course. The fact that I want to be healthy and happy, and I want to help other people, my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-grandchildren  to live happily and that they  meet kind and friendly people. All people should love one another. I want to love and  offer gratitude  – it gives me health and success. 
– How does your family relates to your  method of living? 
– My husband supports me and understands me, he  started  practicing the technique. He had  problems, but thanks to this practice, it passed – the tumor was gone. After 10 days, when he  went to the oncologist, the doctor said: “If I had not seen this and someone told me I would have not believed. it” My daughter  is a psychiatrist. With her ​​medical education is difficult to fully accept all I do. At the same time, seeing the result – my health, she largely supported me. 
– And why a person is sick?  
– From envy, jealousy, anger, irritability. Problems and illnesses – from the wrong outlook on life. We treat folding life circumstances. Now people are so passionate about survival, that they forget that it is necessary not to survive, but to live. Life – it’s a fascinating journey in which we should be happy to live and relax.  Love your job, and you will  never feel like working. 
 – What are your future plans in life? 
– I have a lot of them. And I’m going to live more than a hundred years – without  any disease, happily. I really believe in this. 
– And those illnesses you had, will not interfere?
 – I’m completely different, I was born again. All my views have changed. 
– Were you more in a bad mood? 
– I was weak – in health and spirit. I looked at the wrong side of life. It seemed to me that what I  did was good. But it was not good. I tried to live others’ lives, and it was wrong. Everyone should live his own life, go his own way. Now I help people look properly at life, and I should live more than a hundred years happily carried by my dreams and desires.

10 April 2012


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